The Authentic French Crêpe Experience

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Stepping into Bistro Maxine on Ramona Street in Palo Alto is like stepping into 'un petit bistro à Paris'. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed with worn oak floors, brass-rimmed tables, and warm light reflected off of buttery yellow walls. It translates into an immediate feeling of comfort and a sigh of 'I have arrived somewhere truly special and unique.'

One look at the menu and you realize you are about to experience the taste of one of France's most beloved dishes.

Savory crêpes including the most traditional combinations of ham, eggs, and cheese are available but you can also choose from more adventurous combinations of smoked salmon or goat cheese or brie. Savory crêpes can be served on regular wheat or buckwheat for a richer and fuller flavor. The crêpes are always made to order – no stacks of premade pancakes here! Sparkling cider is one of the preferred drinks to accompany crêpes but you can also opt for a glass of red or white wine.

Simple salads and crusty baguette sandwiches are summer favorites. When autumn rolls in expect thick, rich soups to warm and satisfy.

Ahhh.....and then the dessert crêpes with names like Josephine, Suzette, and Malicieuse promise tastes that will satisfy any sophisticated palate. For kids, or the 'kid' in all of us, Nutella is always an option, on its own or combined with banana, strawberries, or other fresh fruit.

There are endless combinations to choose from but like in Paris if you prefer there is always a 'prix fixe' menu and daily specials.

Without a doubt you'll feel as is you've been transported to the 'City of Light' and this petite find will quickly become one of your favorite restaurants for wonderful ambiance and great food at a reasonable price just like those time-honored favorites in Paris!

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